How to Rent an Electric Bike in Zion National Park With Us

  1. Click the “Rent an E-Bike” button on our home page
  2. Pick your date, time, and bike from our fleet of e-bikes
  3. Provide payment
  4. Sign Waiver
  5. Pick up your bike at our storefront or inquire about delivery
  6. Get an e-bike tutorial from one of our outfitters
  7. Start your adventure!

E-Bike Rental Gear Checklist

Before you take off on your e-bike adventure, make sure you have all the necessities

What we Provide:

What you should bring:

Where to Ride Your E-Bike in Greater Zion

Our e-bikes are a great way for riders with a variety of experience levels to explore the Greater Zion area.

Zion Canyon:

Take our foldable e-bikes into Zion Canyon to skip the shuttle lines and
expensive pricing in Springdale.

Outside the Park:

Looking to explore outside Zion Canyon? Take our e-bikes on the go. Our e-bikes fold up conveniently and can be easily packed away into an SUV, truck, or RV. We will provide you with a trail map to take along with you.

E-Bike Safety

  • If you’re riding in Zion Canyon, you must yield to the Zion National Park Shuttle Bus. The large tan buses labeled “Zion National Park Shuttle” share the scenic drive with e-bike riders. It is a park mandate that all cyclists must pull off on the shoulder and put a foot down if the National Park Bus is behind them. Once the bus has passed, the rider may re-enter the path of travel and continue riding.
  • Helmets are mandatory for all riders. Please wear your helmet for the entire duration of your ride.
  • Follow the rules of the road. Maintain a safe speed at all times during your ride.
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