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RadExpand 5
Electric Folding Bike

The RadExpand 5 is the newest folding electric bike on the market. This bike’s lightweight design makes it easy to transport. It has wider tires — four inches wide, for more stability over varied terrain. It offers improved ergonomics for a wider range of riders, courtesy of adjustable high-rise handlebars that can be
moved in or back to fit you best. And the heavy-duty rear rack lets you load it up with cargo.

RadMini Step Thru Electric Folding Bike

This bike is great for someone looking to take advantage of its folding capabilities. It can be broken down in 3 steps and put into a larger vehicle, SUV, or truck. Great for road riding as well as mild dirt trails. The front suspension and fat tires can handle rougher terrain. Hop on, Hop off, stow away.

RadWagon 4

Ideal for those who want to accommodate an additional rider, like a child, or to carry cargo loads. 

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